From Summer 2009

As a speech pathologist, I often understand why Lincoln is saying words certain ways, but he continues to surprise me wtih some original words and ways of talking. For my part, I’m surprised how adorable I find it when he does so; in fact, I have no desire at all to help him say his words correctly, at least not at this point. Some of my current favorites from Incoln, as he calls himself, are: “wummy” for yummy, “wes” or “wass” for yes, “dunk” for dump, and DE-wicious or sometimes “de-WISH-us” when he is enjoying what he is eating. He is also getting creative with his language, as today he referred to a cow as a “moo-er” and when using a toy wheelbarrow, he says, “wheel, wheel” since of course that must be the verb form of wheelbarrow. Similarly, the verb form of using a squeegee is logically, “squeeg, squeeg.” He is talking all the time it seems, narrating what he sees and what he is thinking. I really had no idea just how much fun it would be to find out what is going on in that little mind of his.