One day last week I (Nicole) started running water for Lincoln’s bath, a favorite activity of his. As usual, he quickly came toddling into the bathroom, ready to push all his bath toys off the ledge of the tub into the water, to try to scale the side of the bathtub while I peel his clothes off, and to do his best to catch the water coming out of the tap before it falls into the tub. Then, to my surprise, before he even reached the tub, he wheeled around (in toddler language this is understood to take about 2 feet of space–he doesn’t exactly turn on a dime yet) and walked out of the bathroom. I continued to fill the tub, wondering, waiting. Then, back he came. With a bright green sock in his hand. Straight over to the tub, and without any hesitation, he threw the sock into the water! He then turned around, went and got two more socks out of his bottom drawer, and would have done it again if I had not intervened to save the socks from their undeserved drowning. The day after this occurred, we left for a trip. Now that we are back, this process has happened EVERY time we have given him a bath. Some time soon I should probably quit laughing about this and try to teach him not to do it. 🙂