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Baby Status: Not here yet.


So, here’s some baby info, for those interested. I think we’re having a girl (but keep in mind that I was convinced Lincoln was a girl until the very moment I saw he wasn’t) because I have not gotten the Puppps rash this time (Thank You, God!), the heart rate has averaged slightly higher than Lincoln’s was, and there are some cute girl clothes I want to buy. Pretty flimsy, heh? (more…)

Wordless Wednesday



Baby: Imminent


We’re one week from the due date (already past some of your guesses). Nicole would be fine with a delivery any day now. We haven’t yet decorated the nursery, but we figure our baby probably won’t care too much. Who knows, maybe there is still time?

Nicole is really showing.

It’s a baby! (The important kind!)


Due date: June 1st.

Gender: Surprise.

Excitement Level: High.

Nicole is showing