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Halloween + Blizzard = Snow Pumpkin


We live at the end of a cul-de-sac. No, not the cool traffic free end, the other end. We’re having a big snow and last night I heard a plow pushing snow out of the cul-de-sac onto our yard. We noticed an 8 ft. tall mound this morning. So, what to do?

Make a snow-pumpkin of course!


It’s about time!


I have finally uploaded some new pictures of Lincoln. I was appalled when I realized that I’ve been averaging about 5 new pictures per month this summer, and hadn’t included any from September or October on our Picasa site. Sorry Grandparents! Nicole

You can get to the new pictures through the link for “Picasa- our pictures” on the right side of our website.

One year, one month, one day later…


Our Lincoln on the Penny

I’m in denial. I think I may have to to check Lincoln’s birth certificate before I actually believe that we have a thirteen-month-old son. Before Lincoln was born, I had heard over and over again that time only goes faster as we get older, and especially when kids come along . . . well, now instead of just hearing that, we’re living it. Until Lincoln was about 9 months old, time seemed to be behaving, but since then the fast forward button seems to be stuck down. (more…)

President’s Day: Lincoln Update


It’s President Day and we are way overdue for a Lincoln Update.Little Lincoln 1

Lincoln is now 8.5 months and doing great (what else would a proud parent say?). He’s not crawling yet, but is start to experiment. He did just start saying “Mama” and “Da da”. I’m not sure he’s completely figured out what it means, but he does seem to get that when he says “Mama”, he gets something (attention, a smile, etc.). The other day his cousin Asher was over here and a couple of us thought for sure that we heard him say “Asher.” Go figure.

(From the main page, click on the “more” link below for additional pictures. Also, see our Picasa site.)


Introducing: Lincoln Joseph Phillips


Introducing:  Lincoln Joseph Phillips

On June 7th at 3:34pm, we met our firstborn: A 7 lb. 10 oz., 21.5″, dark-haired, healthy baby boy. After about 40 hours of contractions, we went to the hospital and three hours later we had Lincoln. Nicole is worn out but doing well, and “Link” is just perfect (of course). We have some pictues up at our Picasa site (click here). For those of you that guessed ahead of time, I’ll be determining a “winner” soon.