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Erie Balloons 2008


This weekend was the Erie (Colorado) town fair. This means 3 days of hot-air balloon launches. While the prevailing breeze didn’t blow them into our neighborhood this year, they were still fun to watch. If you watch the time-lapse, you’ll notice that the clouds disappear at the same time as the balloons. I’m sure it was all coordinated.

Hot Air Balloons


Last weekend was the Erie town fair. For a small town, Erie does a nice job, with the launch of a lot of hot air balloons as a highlight. On Saturday morning I was awakened by the sound of the “phooosh” of the hot air balloons and took some video out our bedroom window.

Loopy Kazoo


For those of you that don’t mind something both different and cheesy, here is a recent talent show performance by yours truly. By the way, nothing was pre-recorded… it was all done on the spot. (If you want to see it directly on YouTube or even rate it, it’s here)