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The ABCs, by Devon


My nephew made a guest appearance today in the studio. He sang some of his kindergarten knowledge “A Cappella.” I recorded it, and may have added a little music to it after the fact.


CD Release: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch


CD Cover

We have finally released the CD of the musical “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch”! Woo-hoo! The play is about some cowboys who sing to their cattle to keep them from stampeding, but aren’t very good at it. At some point, some sweet-singing cowgirls enter the picture as well as a no-good-do-er looking to steal the ranch. It has explosions, cows, and everything else necessary for a good time. CD’s are $12 and help Hyland Christian School. If you would like a CD, email me or leave a comment and I’ll get a hold of you. We can ship CDs for an additonal $2.

Here’s a sampler track with excerpts from some of the songs: Ranch Music Sampler

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