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India Part III: Orchids? We kid.


After Jaldapara we headed from the plains into the mountains, the Himalayas to be precise. We were still in the state of West Bengal, but the terrain was to change significantly. Taking another reserved jeep, we hit the road (and believe me, it hit us back).

We could see the Bhutanese Himalayas to the north of us and we drove on the plains, often crossing rivers with little water, but wide beds of mountain gravel. During monsoon, it would be a different story.

In this picture you can see a tall chimney. These were for brick-making, and dotted the area. If you look carefully on the right side of the picture (you may need to click on it to see it more clearly), there is a dump truck in the stream bed. We commonly saw piles of rocks that people were making from the stones in the river bed. They were then loaded onto trucks which took them to construction projects. At times we saw people smashing rocks by hand to make gravel.

India Part II: Elephant Day


We find Ryan, Amanda, and Asher (as well as a friend of theirs and a jeep driver) on a train platform on the other side of the world in New Alipurdaur, India. I have to say it felt great to see someone we knew. We piled in the “reserved jeep” and I told the adventure of getting there. Ryan later said it was one of his favorite parts of our visit; to hear what he knew so well about India from a brother’s new eyes.

A “reserved jeep” is a SUV that is wholly for us. A luxury in India. We drive through country roads, constantly using either side of the road to avoid large potholes, or rather stretches of broken pavement, and we catch up. Somehow we got to the topic of the side-to-side wagging of the head that Indian people do. Though it looks like “no”, it turns out it means an emphatic yes. That had already been the source of quite a bit of confusion on the train.

We went to Jaldapara, where we were dropped off at Jaldapara Lodge. Like most things in India, it looks rundown, but the inside was recently renovated. There were queen beds, a walk-in shower with a small dedicated water heater on the wall, a functioning western toilet, and an A/C unit that was not wired up yet. Lincoln was exhausted from the journey, and fell asleep in the kiddy backpack.

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