You know how it sometimes seems like as soon as Halloween comes, it is Easter? Where there are only a few days between each holiday, and kid’s birthdays happen four-or-so times a year? Where have the years gone? It seems like just yesterday I walked Lincoln in to his first day of Kindergarten, and now here we are.

Oh, wait. That WAS yesterday.

Well, here we are for real, then. Lincoln’s first week (well, two days, rather) of school. He appears to love it. His adjectives of choice have been “great” and “super.” He can name 6 of the 15 kids in his class, and he said that they all listened well in class. His school day is from 9 to 11:30, which works amazingly well for our family (I sighed with relief yesterday when he was still sleeping at 7:30 in the morning and I remembered that one of the schools we considered started at 7:45 and was 15 minutes away.). We are going to try him riding his bike and me pushing Cora in the stroller to his school this weekend to see if that is feasible to do on a school day. Lincoln’s teacher seems great and super, to borrow Lincoln’s adjectives, though I do mean them sincerely, and she looks a lot like our Auntie Laura, so she must be awesome. She seems to be kind and thoughtful, and in control.

Ok, on the more serious side, it has been a long journey getting to this point, as we considered so many different schools. I’m still not entirely sure this is where we are supposed to be, though so far everything seems to be going super great. We are still on the waiting list for another school that we really like (Last I checked, he is number 10, and we could get a call any time between now and October 1st.), and I still wonder if we should be at a Christian school, or even if I should be homeschooling. However, we’ve been praying for many months for help with this decision, and I’ve come to actually believe a few of the things I’ve been telling myself. . . like, “Where he is for kindergarten does not mean we will be locked in to a particular school for the next 12 years.” and “Involved parents really do know a lot about what is going on in a classroom, and if there is something we need to be aware of, between prayer and our involvement, we will know about it.”and “The drive time and start/finish times really do matter for our family.”

On the lighter side, I’ve laughed at seeing Lincoln fill his cheeks with air and clasp his hands behind his back as they do before they go out for recess, and I love the “silent cheer” where they all put hands in the air, without making a sound. I guess I’m not surprised that his favorite part of the day is recess, though they are not yet into the meat of learning, and I wonder if that will change.  I’m sort of sad that they want the Kindergarten kids to walk down the hallway from the office by themselves next week, and I’m so incredibly glad that it was the day before school started, not the day after, when I learned that Lincoln’s class ended at 11:35, not 12 like I initially thought!