Lincoln has caught on to the “Words with Friends” fever around our house. It is so incredibly hard for him to “just look” at Daddy’s phone without actually touching the letters. We decided to play Scrabble here at home to let him make some of the words he has been suggesting that Daddy make, as well as to let him use the “double word score” and “triple letter scores.” We didn’t worry about connecting to previous words, and of course, there was some help with spelling, but he came up with quite a few words. His best score was when he scored over 100 points on one turn by copying the word “SCRABBLE” from the side of the board. Yeah, he won that game. 🙂

Cora is a girl through and through (not that there was ever any doubt!). She has been playing baby and kitchen for hours daily. I’m not sure what Fuzz thinks of eating cucumbers, but at least he is getting some time in rotation with the babies.