If you ask Cora how old she is, she will quickly hold out her hand toward you, with one finger up, and say, “Ya-Ya, Goo!” which of course translates to “Cora, two!” When we sang “Happy Birthday” to her, she blew out her candle when we said, “Happy Birthday to Cora,” and then tried to blow it out again when the song finished. Guess we practiced just blowing it out more than the when of blowing it out. She got a new little doll for her birthday, and she has already connected with it, starting with a hug after she opened it. She is such a girl!

After starting out exceptionally long (22.5 inches), our beautiful girl may continue be tall all her life. She is currently 36.5 inches tall (Lincoln was 36 inches at this age), and in the 75th percentile for weight. If it’s true that your adult height is double your height at age two, then Lincoln will be 6 ft. tall, and Cora will be 6ft, 1 inch tall. Here’s hoping for a little “regression to the mean” since their parents are of very average height:). Height update: We measured her here at home, and she was 35.5 inches. So, maybe just 5 ft, 11 inches. She is communicating well, though only a familiar listener will likely understand her. She continues to use some sign language, especially when I don’t seem to understand what she is saying. It’s really helpful, though, when she first says, “Bum!” for milk, then a few weeks later changes her word to “Mum!” to have her signing at the same time so I can see that it really is milk that she wants. Cora is climbing and running (well, sort of), and trying to do anything her brother does. One of her favorite games currently is playing “Chase” with Daddy, and screaming with delight when he goes a different way and surprises her.

She still has beautiful blue eyes, and her “cheese” smile is pretty cute, even when covered in chocolate. Though for family pictures, we did have to tell her to “laugh” instead of smile so that we had some natural smiles as well. She is generally sweet and good-natured, though she will let you know if things aren’t going how she wants them to (i.e. if Lincoln takes her toys). She is a good sleeper, especially at night, though we’ve never yet see the three hour naps that Lincoln liked at her age! When she wakes up in the morning, we often hear hear say, “Ma-Ma!” short pause, “Ma-Ma!” “Ma-Ma!” pause “Ma-Ma!” “Ma-Ma!” Then if its really early, we will use the intercom on her monitor to tell her “Mommy is sleeping, go back to sleep.” Short pause from her end, then, “Ga-Ga!” (i.e. Daddy), “Ga-Ga!” “Ga-Ga!” pause “Ga-Ga!” “Ga-Ga!” So, we tell her “Daddy is sleeping, go back to sleep.” A few minutes later, we hear, “Ging-ging!” (yep, that’s Lincoln) “Ging-ging!” pause “Ging-ging!” “Ging-ging!” “Ging-ging!” And her new favorite phrase to get us to come get her is “Ya-Ya, Pee!” She has decided that she is potty training, and I’m going along for the ride. I was planning on summer, but hey, guess now works too. And I really am excited about it, though I’m still adjusting my mindset.

Overall, Cora is delightful. We love having both Cora and Lincoln, seeing them interact together is one of the biggest joys of my life. Thank you God for this family!!