We had some family fun on Labor Day. We dropped of Cora and picked up nephew Devon, and went off-roading at Red Cone.

On our way!

There was some challenges on the way up, and it was quite bumpy at times.

Rocks going up Red Cone trail

But, we made it without breaking anything.


The trail eventually emerges from the trees on a ridge with a good drop off on one side.

Heading up to the peak

Then, as you approach the peak of Red Cone, there’s a good drop off on both sides. Of course it never looks as steep on pictures/video.

On top we surveyed and played for a moment before heading down.

The descent from Red Cone is known for being insanely steep (and is one way because of it). There are three steep areas. I stopped on the least steep and measured it at 26 degrees. The other two portions are so steep you are no supposed to stop, or you can get sliding on the loose rock and loose control. While descending, if your tail starts sliding, you are actually supposed to give it some gas… and I had to do that twice. Very intimidating and thrilling. (Look for the Jeep on top of the hill for an idea of scale)

Descent down Red Cone

Descent down Red Cone

On the way down this section we saw others better equipped for the terrain.

Mountain Goats on the trail

What are you doing here?

We had lunch at a beautiful stop with a view of the mountain we had come down.

Nice spot for lunch

By the end we were a little dusty and a little tired, but it was a fun day.

Plum tuckered out