Update 1: Missed connection in London… will now be going through Delhi. Only have 1 more minute on this paid internet connection. Adventure begins.

Update 2: Made it to Kolkata. Now, to figure out how to get to the train station. Nicole has used a “squatty potty”. I’m holding off. Delhi’s air was dreadful. Kolkata much better. Definitely an adventure.

Update 3: We are now in Gangtok, the capitol of Sikkim, India. We have been in taxies, an overnight train, jeeps, microvans, more jeeps, on trails, public buses, and a gondola. Lincoln has had (and recovered from) giardia. We’ve had southern Indians meals and those in the style of Nepali cooking. We’ve had to adjust our plans multiple times (Ryan and Amanda escorted a woman with labor issues to a hospital in Kalimpong). We are all doing well and really look forward to sharing pictures and stories!

Update 4: We are now in Varanasi by way of Allahabad (an unintentional 6 hour detour involving a missed train station). Whoah! What a city. We can add cycle-richshaws to our vehicle list and camels to our lists of animals seen. To get to the ghats (steps down to the holy Ganges river), you can’t even take a cycle-rickshaw as the “roads” become alleyways… a maze of corridors usually wide enough for a person and a bicycle (or motorcycle) to get down to the river. Speaking of mazes, you have to carefully negotiate the cow patties and other refuse. Our hotel (which we almost didn’t get to) is nice. The city is overwhelming. There will be plenty to say and I think I may have taken close to 1000 pictures… which would be worth a million words. Tomorrow we will begin the multiday effort toward home.

Update 5: We are home, safe, sound and jet-lagged. We think Nicole and Lincoln have giardia, but that should be overcome soon enough. I look forward to sorting pictures and sharing stories. Like how I almost lost our camera in London. Or the 27-second bus ride. Of any of a thousand things. More hopefully soon!

Update 6: Well, when we returned our computer had died. So I got a new one on Black Friday. And then when it was about ready, I re-painted the floor in the garage (long story), which unfortunately released so much fumage that we had to evacuate our house at 1 am to avoid the carcinogens. So we’re staying at my Mom’s house (almost a week now). When we get back to the house, we’ll try to get some pictures up!