A few weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch with Beth, Butch, Devon, Aydon, and Grandma. We had a terrific time.

Lincoln and Daddy played Hide-n-seek in the maze with Devon.

The next weekend, we participated in our Trunk-or-treat celebration at church.

Last week, Lincoln made a fall collage. We had a blast running around our yard collecting these while Cora was sleeping.

And, finally, for Halloween, our Crayon and Ladybug went to the neighbor’s house for pizza on the driveway before we trick-or-treated.

After about 4 houses, Lincoln told me he was done and didn’t want to go to any more houses. We then finished the night off by going to Grandma’s house for hot chocolate and banana bread. It has been a beautiful, fun, and eventful month. And I sure am glad Mark fixed the blog so I can post again!