I’m a little behind on my blogging.  A year ago, my college friend, Howell, got married. This was the perfect excuse for Nicole and I to go visit Howell and other buddy John and his family.  Nicole was pregnant with Cora and we left Lincoln for the first time.  We spent a couple days traipsing around D.C. and then went to the wedding in Pennsylvania.  Click on the “more” button for some highlights.

I don’t need to comment on the bizarre bunny sculpture.  It’s obviously the bizarre bunny sculpture that everyone goes to Washington D.C. to see.

Couldn’t resist.

Took a tour of the capitol.  Very interesting.

Escalator to the sky.

I, for one, did not know about this large lady on top of the Capitol.  There is a life-size version on the tour.

Nicole in front of the Supreme Court building.  We were able to go into the actual courtroom, which was wonderful.  No pictures, though.

Supreme Court to the Capitol.

See the kite beside the Washington Monument?

How about now?

Looking down the Mall toward the inspiration for the back of the penny.

Not the usual picture of Mark, Nicole, and Lincoln.

A storm passed through and gave us an amazing view from the Lincoln Memorial back to the Washington Monument.

It was a great trip with friends.  Of course, being part of Howell’s wedding was a day I wasn’t sure would ever come.  ;^)   –Mark.