Our Lincoln on the Penny

I’m in denial. I think I may have to to check Lincoln’s birth certificate before I actually believe that we have a thirteen-month-old son. Before Lincoln was born, I had heard over and over again that time only goes faster as we get older, and especially when kids come along . . . well, now instead of just hearing that, we’re living it. Until Lincoln was about 9 months old, time seemed to be behaving, but since then the fast forward button seems to be stuck down.

So, what do you call a little boy who scoots everywhere, never crawled, tends to be cautious, loves music, laughs easily and has an amazing smile? Yep–that’s our little Lincoln. He is still mellow and easygoing most of the time, and a good sleeper too which keeps the whole house (especially Mommy) happier. Lincoln continually “dances” to music, can push the piano keys down with one finger at a time, and is learning to head bang. He loves to read, although he lasts about two pages before he says or signs “all done” and wants to read the next book. In true boy fashion he loves his trains and cars, although he can’t quite figure out how to let go of the cars after he pulls them back (usually on accident) to wind them up. Animals are a huge fascination for him now, with bunnies topping the list. You see, we have quite a bunny population in our neighborhood, and even in our yard. Not a day goes by that we don’t go outside to look for “hop hops” and that we actually get to see them. Also, whenever he hears something, Lincoln points to his ear, after which we often look outside to see a truck or tractor drive by, or we walk over to the door to see if Daddy just opened the garage door and drove in, or we change the laundry, or answer the phone–I didn’t realize how many sounds he was aware of until this started.

Signs Lincoln uses

  • more
  • all done
  • please
  • out
  • help
  • wash hands
  • bunny
  • hello/byebye (wave)
  • hear (points to his ear when he hears something)
  • car (hand back and forth with a “vroom” sound)
  • food
  • drink
  • dirty
  • light

Words Lincoln uses

  • “Bup” for up
  • “Op, Op” for hop, hop, when he moves his hand up and down in a hopping motion, usually for a bunny
  • “Op” for snap, repetition only
  • “Da Duh” for all done
  • Mamma
  • Dada or Daddy
  • “Buh” for book
  • “Baa” for ball
  • “P” for push
  • “sssss” for snake
  • “mmm, mmm” for woof, woof

Overall, Mark and I are loving being parents, and from what we can tell, Lincoln loves being a kid.