Lincoln has turned two, and it’s hard for us to believe. He’s still fairly mild mannered, but seems to have come out of his shell some. He’s in the typical vacuum phase kids go through. He pretends to vacuum with his toys, including his toy razor which he flips over, brushes on the carpet and says, “Vacuum, vacuuuum.” That is a normal phase, right?

Lincoln had a pool party for his birthday and loved the water. We follow that up with Thomas the Train cake. Thanks to Thomas, Lincoln now recognizes “Big Big Bridges.”

Gardening with Luke

He’s enjoying yard sale purchases, pulling weeds, and his dinosaur measuring tape, which he holds to the wall and pretends he’s daddy trying to decide whether furniture will fit. His favorite part about car rides is when we hit a bump. AND, when he’s a little behind on his sleep:


At night he likes to have sung to him “Yes Jesus Loves Lincoln (and Woof Woof)” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children”, but you have to include green children (his favorite color).

I think he’s looking forward to being an older brother.

— Mark, Nicole, Lincoln, and ?