Last weekend we made a quick trip to Texas, starting with a flight into Houston to pick up the used car we just bought there, then a drive to Dallas to surprise my brother and his family, meet their 2-month-old twins, help them move into their new house, and then a long road trip home.

It was a great trip, and a good thing we took warm clothes! On the way back, the temperature got progressively warmer, until it was positively balmy here in Colorado. Aside from the chill of the wind, though, family sure did warm us up.

Lincoln had a great time playing with Landon and Liam (and I got some good ideas for birthday gifts for him this summer), Mark did some serious painting and seemed to enjoy the trips to Home Depot in the “new-for-us” car, and I loved holding those beautiful little babies, Kallie and Klaire.

I was doing great with telling them apart, but the day we left, the last time I tried to say who was who, I got it wrong :(. Guess I’d better label the pictures so everybody else has an idea about it too. Overall, it was a great weekend–we have great extended families, Link is a trooper of a traveler, Mark thoroughly enjoys the car, and I still love road trips.