Man-Venture™ 2010


Last year I met up with my college friends, John and Howell, in Washington D.C. (pictures here). This spring we were looking for an excuse to get together again. Out of the deep and murky waters of our brains was birthed the Man-Venture™.  The idea was to squeeze as many manly activities into a visit as possible, each adding more hair to our chests than the last. Ryan was able to join us as well making a quartet of quirky Quatermains. In under a week we raced karts, did car work, played frisbee golf, hiked and camped, scaled precipitous heights, and went off-roading. We were dripping with manliness (or something) by the end. Unfortunately, we ran out of time for rhinoceros hunting, spear fishing, and volcano jumping.  Maybe next year.

We had perfect weather and fully enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation.  Click on the “more” button for some highlights.


Washington D.C., 2009


I’m a little behind on my blogging.  A year ago, my college friend, Howell, got married. This was the perfect excuse for Nicole and I to go visit Howell and other buddy John and his family.  Nicole was pregnant with Cora and we left Lincoln for the first time.  We spent a couple days traipsing around D.C. and then went to the wedding in Pennsylvania.  Click on the “more” button for some highlights.