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Life from Lincoln’s point-of-view


We’ve started trying to have a dedicated “family time” each week, but I didn’t know if Lincoln really “got” the idea. This past weekend we were talking about going bowling for family time, and Lincoln said, “Oh, like when we all played on the playset together and when we all cleaned up the basement and played in the basement together.” Well, those are the only times we have actually done family time. Guess he “gets” it. 🙂
So, he seemed to really enjoy the bowling. . . (more…)

Banana Cream


This week at the Phillips’ household: Pudding Letters and Spoon Practice! Doesn’t that just sound delectable? (more…)

“Why, Mommy, why?”


In trying to help Lincoln understand the world around him I try to answer his “Why?” questions. So, I’ve tried to explain exhaust from cars, speed limits, cooking questions, etc., and was feeling pretty good about how I was doing with this in general. Proverbs 16:18.

Family life during the holidays. . .


Anyone notice that my posts seem to be a bit out of order?

This is the Christmas collage page for our Christmas Memories scrapbook that Kari got us four years ago. There is actually a chance that I might finish it in January this year instead of my usual mid-March finishing date. That would be something. Anyway, I obviously need to work on selecting “Shrink to fit” instead of “Crop to fit” (sorry Kallie and Klaire), but it still communicates some of the joy of having kids at Christmas time.

Family life after the holidays


Cora is learning many new ways of getting around. . .


Our Recent Family Portrait


From left to right: Mommy, Woof-woof, Cora, Lincoln, and Daddy.



A few weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch with Beth, Butch, Devon, Aydon, and Grandma. We had a terrific time.


No idea what day it is


When the ponytail comes out. . .

One of Lincoln’s favorite pastimes currently is acting out stories. These are scenes from “The Hurt Man” also known as “The Good Samaritan.”

And I am oh-so-ready for these hot days to end. I know that may pain some of you, but I can’t deny it any longer. I wish it would snow!! Toward that end, as you can see from the clothing choices in this picture, I’m trying to hurry up Halloween.

Happy Monday


Cora really looks up to Lincoln.

Our recent Canada trip


We started off with Lincoln showing Cora, Woof-woof, and me how to hold on when riding the bus.

Lincoln LOVED being at Cousin Peyton’s house, and trying out his trampoline and his fort/sandbox that Jordan made (wow).

While there, we joined in the celebration of Drew’s 3rd birthday, with delicious food, family and friends, face painting for the kids (thanks to Kari and Jordan), and then at the end, a balloon release in the park across the street. The whole evening felt special, but the balloon part was my favorite.

We also got to participate in the Day for Drew memorial golf tournament and fundraiser (no, I didn’t golf, but Mark did), which was great.

The best part of the week was spending time with family.

And, in other news, Cora may be developing a Stogie problem.

Got to keep up the blog momentum. . .


What I should be doing instead of updating our blog:

1. Packing for our trip this weekend.

2. Writing in Cora’s baby book.

3. Watering the plants I was supposed to water on Monday.

4. Preparing the packages I should send tomorrow.

5. Sleeping.

6. Taking a shower, since it is nearly 9:00 pm and I’ve not quite squeezed that in yet.

7. Painting my toe nails for the wedding this weekend, even though my toes don’t show through my shoes.

8. Calling my sister.

9. Spending 3 hours or so on facebook looking at other people’s entries and pictures without leaving a single note.

10. Absolutely Nothing!

Lincoln’s re-enactment of our trip.


“First, we park in the parking garage.”

“We are driving in the bus right now.”

“Then we go on an airplane.”

“We are on the runway.”

“We are taking off.”

“Then Grandad is gonna pick us up in Kari’s car.”

“We are jumping on the trampoline.”

“This is Grandad with my suitcase on the deck.”

“Now it’s Friday and we are going in the bus again.”

Signed: lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnncccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn



Coloring is perhaps not one of Lincoln’s strengths currently, so we try to encourage it when we have opportunity. I was commenting on his coloring job of Noah and the ark , and told him I liked how he colored the doorway.

His reply? “Oh, that’s where the animals shoot out of.”

Ryan and Amanda back to India


After being here for two months, getting new Visas, and updating passports, Ryan, Amanda, Asher, and Shepherd are back in India. They have arrived, reported that the flights, customs, immigration, etc. all went well, and they are glad to be there. We look forward to getting updates through email and facebook. Also, if any of you are interested in being on their mailing list, they send out emails about once a month. But be warned, if you do sign up for that, they will sell your email address to 57 different companies for the price of 23 million yuro-rupees which is the equivalent of $50 million per email address. And if you believe that, I have a gold mine out in California that I’d love to tell you about. 🙂

Name that Superhero


There will be a prize (I don’t know what yet, but it will be good!) for anyone besides Mark who can name the superhero Lincoln is imitating here.

My new favorite picture

From Blog

Lincoln jumps out of an airplane!


Hah! Got your attention, didn’t I?! So, to quote Paul Harvey, here is “The Rest of the Story.” Lincoln was flying his airplane (read: frisbee that lights up that he turns back and forth for a steering wheel when he is “flying”). He was on the couch, and then he “landed.” He said to me, “Oh no! There’s no jetway or stairs! I have to jump out of the plane!” and proceeded to jump off the couch. So not nearly as exciting as just the tagline, but still cute. We are playing airplane nearly every day as he flies us to Montana, Denver, and Canada. He often “forgets” his suitcase and has to go back for it, and he usually flies to the airport instead of taking a car. 🙂

Here is a recent picture I love of Cora and Lincoln:

And the other happenings around here include Woof-Woof turning three (complete with candles, presents, and Thomas as a guest–on-the-napkin). . .

Coming soon. . . hopefully a post from Mark about his recent adventures, and maybe some house project pictures.

Big Sky Country (i.e. Montana)


Last week, Lincoln, Cora, and I (Nicole) flew to Montana where my parents live to visit them and to meet up with my sister, Kari, and her son Peyton who drove down from Canada. The week in one paragraph went like this: big breath. . . This was Cora’s first airplane trip, in which she didn’t eat from the time we got to the airport at 9:30 until we got to my parent’s house at 3:30, and not for lack of trying, but even given that, she was hardly fussy and took a nap on the plane. Lincoln was so thrilled to be on the airplane, I don’t think he stopped talking or moving for the entire flight there or back. Making lotion for my first time ever with Kari and Mom, laughing at Peyton being Kari’s best helper during our waterfight and Lincoln not being so much of a helper (as he wanted me to hold still so he could pour water on me, thereby allowing Peyton to come up and douse me), being thrilled to run into Rich and Andrea O’connell and their children at church,  Shakespeare in the Parks with Dad and Kari, watching Link hit golf balls and play baseball (with much help) were some other hightlights. Eating out on the deck in the amazing weather, eating amazing sea salt caramels, and basically eating all week without having to cook were also great. It was a trip I hope we get to repeat in future summers.

(Lincoln took this picture. Since he has a little trouble pointing the camera up to take pictures, we all got down where he could see us, and were all laughing as a result.)

The Phillips side


We spent a few days in Steamboat Springs with the Phillips side of our family last week, and had a great time.
A Lincoln highlight. . .

Butch, Beth, Devon, and Aydon

Ryan, Amanda, Asher, Shepherd (not Ryan’s best picture, but it was the best of the kids:))

Mark, Nicole, Lincoln, Cora

Grandma Linda and Lincoln

Love you guys!

Lincoln = 3 years old


Lincoln is 3. Wow. We had a Duplo Block (large lego blocks) themed party at a nearby park, complete with a green, blue, and yellow lego cake that, well, took the cake. With family and friends we supported Grandma Linda’s job (i.e. ate Quiznos for dinner–she works for their corporate headquarters), tried out Lincoln’s new bat and balls, laughed at the adults “demonstrating” a lego-in-the-spoon race for the kids, and enjoyed the playground at Waneka lake. Lincoln and his cousins took a boat ride on the paddle boats at the end of the evening, and that was a highlight for our little man. The party was Saturday late afternoon, and after we got home from church on Sunday Lincoln took a 4 HOUR nap. Guess he was tired (turning 3 is hard work!) 🙂

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