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Lincoln is graduating from college.


You know how it sometimes seems like as soon as Halloween comes, it is Easter? Where there are only a few days between each holiday, and kid’s birthdays happen four-or-so times a year? Where have the years gone? It seems like just yesterday I walked Lincoln in to his first day of Kindergarten, and now here we are.

Oh, wait. That WAS yesterday.

Well, here we are for real, then. Lincoln’s first week (well, two days, rather) of school. He appears to love it. His adjectives of choice have been “great” and “super.” He can name 6 of the 15 kids in his class, and he said that they all listened well in class. His school day is from 9 to 11:30, which works amazingly well for our family (I sighed with relief yesterday when he was still sleeping at 7:30 in the morning and I remembered that one of the schools we considered started at 7:45 and was 15 minutes away.). We are going to try him riding his bike and me pushing Cora in the stroller to his school this weekend to see if that is feasible to do on a school day. Lincoln’s teacher seems great and super, to borrow Lincoln’s adjectives, though I do mean them sincerely, and she looks a lot like our Auntie Laura, so she must be awesome. She seems to be kind and thoughtful, and in control.

Ok, on the more serious side, it has been a long journey getting to this point, as we considered so many different schools. I’m still not entirely sure this is where we are supposed to be, though so far everything seems to be going super great. We are still on the waiting list for another school that we really like (Last I checked, he is number 10, and we could get a call any time between now and October 1st.), and I still wonder if we should be at a Christian school, or even if I should be homeschooling. However, we’ve been praying for many months for help with this decision, and I’ve come to actually believe a few of the things I’ve been telling myself. . . like, “Where he is for kindergarten does not mean we will be locked in to a particular school for the next 12 years.” and “Involved parents really do know a lot about what is going on in a classroom, and if there is something we need to be aware of, between prayer and our involvement, we will know about it.”and “The drive time and start/finish times really do matter for our family.”

On the lighter side, I’ve laughed at seeing Lincoln fill his cheeks with air and clasp his hands behind his back as they do before they go out for recess, and I love the “silent cheer” where they all put hands in the air, without making a sound. I guess I’m not surprised that his favorite part of the day is recess, though they are not yet into the meat of learning, and I wonder if that will change.  I’m sort of sad that they want the Kindergarten kids to walk down the hallway from the office by themselves next week, and I’m so incredibly glad that it was the day before school started, not the day after, when I learned that Lincoln’s class ended at 11:35, not 12 like I initially thought!


Words with Friends, anyone?


Lincoln has caught on to the “Words with Friends” fever around our house. It is so incredibly hard for him to “just look” at Daddy’s phone without actually touching the letters. We decided to play Scrabble here at home to let him make some of the words he has been suggesting that Daddy make, as well as to let him use the “double word score” and “triple letter scores.” We didn’t worry about connecting to previous words, and of course, there was some help with spelling, but he came up with quite a few words. His best score was when he scored over 100 points on one turn by copying the word “SCRABBLE” from the side of the board. Yeah, he won that game. 🙂

Cora is a girl through and through (not that there was ever any doubt!). She has been playing baby and kitchen for hours daily. I’m not sure what Fuzz thinks of eating cucumbers, but at least he is getting some time in rotation with the babies.

Recently. . .


Cora dressed up for Valentine’s Day at church just before I realized she has a fever and we weren’t going anywhere.

Early morning fun (after I vetoed watching TV at 8 in the morning).

Lincoln with the pontoon boat he made with Grandma Linda. They recently went to the Children’s Museum in Denver with Auntie Beth, Devon, and Aydon.

Florida 2012


Last weekend, we went to Fort Myers, Florida, to celebrate the long meaningful life of Mark’s Grandpa Warner, who passed away in November. It was a good time with family, telling stories about Grandpa Warner and his influence on his family and friends.

While there we also got to go to the beach for a morning, which was absolutely delightful.

Not quite 2012


I thought I’d try to finish out last year’s news before the end of January, 2012, making me think I’m only a month or so behind. 🙂

And finally, Lincoln’s summary of 2011:

Our two-year-old Cora


If you ask Cora how old she is, she will quickly hold out her hand toward you, with one finger up, and say, “Ya-Ya, Goo!” which of course translates to “Cora, two!” When we sang “Happy Birthday” to her, she blew out her candle when we said, “Happy Birthday to Cora,” and then tried to blow it out again when the song finished. Guess we practiced just blowing it out more than the when of blowing it out. She got a new little doll for her birthday, and she has already connected with it, starting with a hug after she opened it. She is such a girl!


Scottie the Skeleton Rides Again!


And, he does chores!

Recently? Montana.


Great Grandad and Great Grandma enjoying Piper.
Cora and Lincoln’s first real fishing experience.

What? We have a blog?!?!


Lincoln is as surprised as I am.

Lincoln turned 4. Seriously?!


I can feel it happening. We truly are on the roller coaster of bringing up children, which starts out slowly, gathers speed, and then hurtles headlong into a rapid ride, complete with dips, drops, climbs, and maybe even some backwards motion. Thrilling, delightful, but may cause occasional nausea. I am amazed that Lincoln is 4. The thought of school NEXT YEAR is absolutely crazy. AHHHHHHHH!! Hands up in the air!!!!!!!!

Lincoln’s birthday party was delightful–I just hope he had as much fun as I did. We went to Sunflower Farm in Longmont, the new place I will suggest we take guests with kids any time they visit us. Here are some moments from the evening.


Until the birthday post


I so need to post about Lincoln’s birthday, but until I really do that, here are a few pictures.

“Mommy! Listen to this!”


Fun stuff


Last weekend, Mark and Butch took Devon and Lincoln to Bandimere Speedway for the “Nights of Fire and Thunder” races. When he got home, Lincoln told me all about the jet cars that had fire coming out of them, about the clean-up machine that is called “the clean-up machine,” and about the “snobobiles” that had people driving them, and about how the cars went VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! There were parachutes in them (“Watch how they went out, can you? That’s how they slowed down.”). And, “the one that winned put out their parachutes but the other one that didn’t winned didn’t do that. The orange light means one winned. Mark reported that Lincoln didn’t say a word for about the first 30 minutes they were there, but by the end, he was talking plenty about it. Since then, the car bin in our play room has seen much more play this week than it usually does.

Also, we recently went to a “Playdough Playdate” at the church building with the Keenagers (i.e. the more “mature” members of the congregation). It was a great time, with about 8 tables of kids and Keenagers and tons of playdough and toys. Cora enjoyed just playing with the extra toys on the floor more than with the actual playdough. And now, I should really stop this post and either finally take a shower, or else figure out a plan for dinner!

Cora at 18 months


Earlier this week, Cora got to blow out a candle in celebration of now being one and a half years old. Of course, the real function of her doing that was for Lincoln to know that he can now say she is a year and a half rather than one. And so far, he has told about 10 people that, so I think it worked!
Anyway, Cora got a clean bill of health at the doctor, and our clothing woes were explained. . . She is 34 inches tall, which is the 97th percentile for height! And her weight was 25 lbs, at the 75th percentile. Laura, I guess that explains why she is wearing some of the same size clothes as the twins :). At the same age, Lincoln was almost 33 inches tall, and weighed 21 lbs. She has been tall/long from the very beginning–it will be interesting to see if it continues or if her height tapers off.

Her hair still curls when it is wet, though as you can see, not nearly as tight now that it is longer. She greeted me when I came in to her room this morning by pushing her hair out of her eyes and saying, “Uh oh, bow” so that I would put the ever present bow in her hair. Really, all this bowmaking stuff–it’s purely functional. I just do it so she can see. Well, ok, maybe I enjoy it a little bit too. 🙂

Cora is walking up a storm, she has over 100 signs, and she has about 20 words. She loves doing anything Lincoln is doing, but she does let him know loudly when he is doing something she doesn’t like. She still gets the hiccups whenever she laughs hard, and she currently thinks that turning light switches on and off is the coolest thing ever, especially if she can get multiple switches in before Mommy realizes she is standing on the footstool to do it. Overall, she is sweet, beautiful, and adorable. And, no, I’m not biased at all.



At home before church. . .

Friends at church. . .

(Notice Cora’s new “Smile for the camera” face below.)

(Anybody have tips for getting four kids to smile at once? While looking at the same camera?)

Then, after naps we went up to Beth and Butch’s house in Conifer (or, as Lincoln says, on Butch’s mountain). . .
. . . but I didn’t take a single picture! What was I thinking?! Ahhhhhh!
Anyway, it was a delightful day. Lincoln has asked twice since then when it will be Easter again, and I’ve finally figured out how kids learn about all the different kinds of candy–Halloween, Easter, Halloween, Easter, Halloween, Easter…

Girl Time!


Last weekend I had some of the best “girl time” I’ve ever had. Cora and I went to Canada to meet Piper and hang out with her and Kari while their boys were on a trip and my boys were back here in Colorado. I wish I had a picture of Piper doing a little jig (with her Mommy’s help) when we finally emerged out of customs, after a relatively easy flight. She is beautiful. And in person, she is so much more 3-dimensional than in pictures! I know, amazing, huh. She has some huge blue eyes, and her whole body smiles when she is excited (Truly. Her arms start to wave and she pulls her legs up if she is really grinning). How could it not be a good trip when greeted by this little face?

“Paint Satrick’s Day!”


Our Green Day project. . .

Lincoln picked out all of our clothes. . .

After a hard days work, Lincoln walks up to his house. . .

Seriously, how much fun would it be to have an entire holiday centered around your favorite color?
So, what are your favorite colors?

Sweetest. Picture. Ever.


Building and climbing


Mark took Lincoln to his first “Build and Grow” clinic at Lowe’s last weekend. As they started driving, Lincoln asked, “Are we there yet?” to which Mark replied, “We’ll be there when you see the large blue sign with white letters.” As they pulled into Lowe’s a few minutes later, Lincoln said, “I see the sign!” and Mark said, “So, where do you think we are?” Lincoln said, “Home Depot?”

Meanwhile, Cora is trying out prepositions, primarily “on” and “in.”

What? No pictures?


I came across this motto today, and I love it. It was written by Charlotte Mason, a woman who was born in 1842 and developed quite a philosophy of education. She is also big in the homeschool world (thanks, Wikipedia). I love it. Oh. I guess I already said that. But I really do!

I am . . . a child of God, a gift to my parents and my country. I’m a person of great value because God made me.

I can . . . do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God has made me able to do everything required of me.

I ought . . . to do my duty to obey God, to submit to my parents, to be of service to others, and to keep myself healthy with proper food and rest so my body is ready to serve.

I will . . . resolve to keep a watch over my thoughts and choose what’s right even if it’s not what I want.

This is what I want for my kids. And for myself. And for all of you people that I know and love as well.



Ok, kids, Serious faces!

Now smile faces!

They clearly get this skill of looking cute with a closed lip smile from Mark, as my serious pictures usually turn out looking rather grumpy and his look rather great.

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